What we offer

    These are specifically designed for disaffected youths between the ages of 11 – 16. The sessions are interactive and the facilitator will work with an individual within the organisation to provide additional support systems. Please be aware that these are not counselling sessions.
    Specifically designed to meet the individual needs of a client. The sessions include and initial free half hour session to discuss client’s requirements. Sessions are available by phone, email, skype or in a mutually agreed location.
    It is strongly advised that client selected either a 4 week, 6 week or 12 week options in order to fully benefit from the sessions.
    Our target audience is open to anyone who is struggling to find direction , meet goals, develop confidence or don’t know where to start.
    These sessions involves working with any age range with group size ranging from 5 to 30 people. Topics can be customised to specific audiences depednding on the clients brief.
    Usuall delivered over half a day.
    Katherine Anderson (Recruitment Consultant/Team Leader at Guidant Group)
    “Really great message and told in a powerful way!! Well done. Amazing!!”
    Our 1 day intensive workshops are destined to be high impact sessions lasting between 5-6 hours. The workshops are very interactive and will involve participants moving out of their comfort zones and facing some startling facts about themselves.
    There are no age limitations on this workshop.
    Teslyn Dawkins (Mathematics Consultant Beech Hill Primary School)
    “It was an extremely positive session that inspired me to push ahead in achieving my goals. Truly inspirational”
    This programme is an extension of the one day intensive program with an additional day to review and reflect on the transition process. It is recommended that the second day is spaced about 6 weeks after the first day to give the participants a chance to embed whatever they gained from the first day. This workshop comes with addition resources (if required) for participants to use during the 6 week transition period.
    There is no age limit for this programme.
    Charles Seanla (CEO Visit-Milton Keynes Ltd)
    “Wow! Vinette delivered an amazing session to a group of 30 cultural exchange students. All students were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the session. I would definitely recommend her.”
    Our 6 week programme is specifically designed for schools, referral centres, and hostel units. It is aimed at ages 11 -18.
    The programme involves 6 weekly sessions on topic ranging from Communication, Building self –esteem, selling you and gaol setting. The programme also offers the flexibility of being adapted to the requirements of the client.
    Myrna Loy (President & CEO Black-Bright Community Services Ltd)
    “Puts a different spin on what role you play in the school of life”

    Elizabeth Wilson (Former Head of English Ashcroft High School)
    “9 out of 10 …Very well presented and catered to lots of visuals, easy to follow”